On the Aftertaste

On the Aftertaste (18:28)
Possessed (11:34)
How could I stop ? (5:39)
Hibernation (6:01)
Falling to Pieces (16:06)
Don't take it bad (9:57)

Das Apogee Album "On the Aftertaste" wurde 2006 bei Mellow Records in Italien veröffentlicht. Es enthält zuvor unveröffentlichte, bzw. nicht auf CD erhältliche Songs, die zwischen 1989 und 1995 aufgenommen wurden.

Alle Instrumente, Gesang, Schlagzeugprogrammierung und auch akustische Drums auf dem Stück "Don't take it bad" wurden von mir selbst eingespielt, mit Ausnahme des Orgelsolos auf "Falling to Pieces", das der ehemalige versus X Drummer Stefan Maywald eingespielt hat. Die weibliche Stimme auf "Falling to Pieces" wurde von Bettina Boos gesungen.

On the Aftertaste

It´s six o´clock in metropolis - the rising flood
the night cooled stream receives new power from the mills of time
in never ending corridors - the neon lights
immersing the awaking world in artificial light
Digressing thoughts will search for hold in the final hour
the dying seconds´ indefiniteness which still remains
keeps lingering elusively and fading in a moments glimpse
(a worm is picking my bones)
driven by machinery of the automate society
which sets dynamically it´s immanent law
The question about the sense of all is answered by a counterquestion
the anxioms of a world - unshakable their might
Driven by machinery of the automate society
which sets dynamically the law to obey by the minds of it´s parcells
The whole world shall share in with the fruits of the tempting gift of knowledge
of promising blessings we are told - celebrated by a triple hooray
I´ve been told - go and get a piece of your own
Nicely presented for us all by the ubiquituous source
flooding into our living room - our radiation prayer
Streaming through the ether - an inaudible refrain
endless information patterns - and no way to restrain
all redundant - no selection - in reception overhaste
we manure the tree of knowledge - to smell the ever stranger aftertaste
Well tied up our gift arrives in the demanding here and now
it came just in time - our magic shrine
we´ve all been waiting for what it has to offer
Donated generously by our unselfish benefactor
smiling down upon our heads from the land of cockaigne
we´ve all been waiting for what it has to offer
(waiting for the big surprise)
Now we´ve got what we searched for - but it´s not what we need
the gleaming - the gloss of its wrapping - turned out to be - a cheap imitation
Filled up to the edge with cultural redundancy
stale is the taste of its contents - spiced only by artificial flavouring
Then disillusion is creeping in - but liberating mind and soul
simultaneously I see
The greaming fascade is peeling off - reveals a view of seldom grace
to all the visions far bejond
And suddenly I´ve got the time - I thought was missing in the line
for looking sharper and inside - to go and see what I can find
And suddenly I recognize - meanings hidden in between the lines
charming attraction and grace - an unexpected richness and an overwhelming space
into this world of my own - I feel I´m gently drawn
joining a glimpse of light into the dawn
Lost any sense of time - did I deviate too far from any of my kind
is there a narrow way with steeply falling slopes on both sides of the cutting wedge
into this world of my own - I feel I´m gently drawn
now I suspect I am lost in a roses thorns
And there again standing beside it - the tumbling waters of the waves
some hand did grap me out of nowhere and woke me up ungently
and I´m taking place inside the stream - entry
Some hours for regeneration - out of the mazes of my brain
to get some outside information - I woner how much I can take
and I´m taking place inside the stream - entry


Half past three - a nervous tension
don't forget this note to mention
Data flow and disappear
where do I go from here ?
Impacience nibbles on my nerves
unshureness if this line will serve
Letters blurred before my eyes
flicker - flash - in oversize
...a a Exposure to I
incessant flood of stimuli
The splendid course that I had penned
takes longer than I ever planned
seconds run - elapsing time
there'll be no sleep till ending line
The aim before my very eyes
I cannot hear the silent cries
I feel my body overcharged
Fingers shiver in the dark
...a a Exposure to I
incessant flood of stimuli
Inspiration streams from all sides of me
which one shall I take ?
I only get fragments and pieces to catch
which one to expel ?
Anything I compose differs from what I once had in mind
from the start
But the longer the examination goes it seems to me
I like it this way
I want it this way
Suddenly-dejection-frustration-self doubt
when I come to examine the whole
Again I can see only fragments and pieces of it all
can't see the endings anymore
Things that I saw materialize
out of my memory but now - are ordering new
from a Distance in time and space the whole begins to glow
Exposure to - emotional feedback lines
streaming all through - in pulsating rhymes
Subliminal fear is haunting me
to loose the sight - the light to see
Will it face the worlds very eyes in time
Whereever leads the way
noone can tell noone can say
Not all virtual can be materialized
Not everything in mind can face the light
gotta come down a peg or two in time

How could I stop ?

The Impact of my slipped off emotions
burrows my body in despair
thousands of questions, thousands of tears
still there's no answer left for me to bear
Soon the last spark of hope is extinguished
and with it all taste becomes stale
empty and spacious desert of sorrow
spreading before my yesterday eyes
Now I am here, things are unchanged
but you're not there
what can I do to escape from this maelstrom
- again there's no answer -
whereever my eyes turn - fragments and remnants
our mutual past seems everywhere
memory lingers - I'm faint and dismayed
entangled within (the web of our past)
No - no, I cannot endure this floorless silence
No - no, this tormenting urge to pick up the phone
how could I stop thinking of you - now ?
How can I hide from the mem'ry - no
Were is the reason for sudden changes
hardly to realize for me ?
Am I to blame - or was it just nature
never been mentioned before ?
Are we too different in any matter
I hardly could think of - before ?
ain't we're demanding too much from this world
were we came together by lucky chance
in our time ?


Senses are dim failing to see and to feel
fragments of chance listing still incomplete
Reaching for signs flashing the way-ay
Walking the line slipping away-ay
Groping through spaces in search for the link
meeting in silence - spattering ink
organized structures escaping the chaos by chance
Locked in the dream chasing the tumbeling dice
ordering new collideascope altering view
Reaching for signs ...
Groping through spaces in search for the link
meeting in silence - spattering ink
organized structures escaping the chaos by chance
Here they come to the meeting in no man's land
welcome to the adventures of second hand
Horrors and hopes in my eyes
casting their shadows on life
accumulate visions of chance
fortune will show me it's plan
Out of the darkness a cry
faces appear and pass by
colours and pressure increase
possibly life will be ceased (rest in peace !?)

Falling to Pieces

A breeze sweeps across the autumn wood
as the fog suits the trees in a veil
memories are circling in wide arcs
a gentle melancholy is surrounding my heart
Strange pictures grow in my imagination
they seem to fill the spaces left off by nature's law
fragments of words appear without connection
they're forming short sentences
each of them in clever detail, but in context absurd
like a painting by Dali falling to pieces
lying in front of my fallen to pieces
I'm groping after fragments trying to capture all
but once isolated most of their charm is fading
I must surrender and let myself fall
into the maelstrom to attain it's source
to the point from where all the energy stems
like a painting by Dali falling to pieces
lying in front of my fallen to pieces
Awaking I see you lying beside me
everything quiet - in peace
your arm reaching out in silence
a melody within my ears
attracts me - shows me the way
to some eternal kingdom of riddles
to which no solution exist
because they're changing the nearer one gets
They're forming short sentences...

Don't take it bad

You said you don't take it bad
well yes you're right when you said
why must it always be the same story the same old scene
It don't suit someone like me - my mind playing tricks on me
It don't suit someone like me - but then where to go with all these
emotions which came out of control and time
Well it needs not much psycho-analysis
to see what's going on, to see whatever went wrong
so let's get on with it now, let's see what the souldoctor says
I'm conscious of anything everything happening here
what nonsense what rubbish - is this all that I fear ?
Everything's clear to me the scene of behaviour will fit
but there is obviously not much to do about that
and you say that you don't take it bad
and I'm glad and I believe you but why the hell am I twisting my nerves ?
Sometimes things seem so easy and clear from the rear
just until strange situations appear
I'm extradited watching inactive the score
against all reason the deeper the thought the more
yes I'm raising my failure out of obstinacy
oh it's so rediculous - so please don't take it bad
I must listen to reason
I must ignore this feeling

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